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Review Hush, hush - Becca Fitzpatrick - English

At the beginig of this mont I bought the “Hush, hush” book by Becca Fitzpatrick. I was searching books on a library of Plaza Ciudad Jardín in “Neza”, in a particular casse I was searching “Graceling” by Kristin Cashore, but when I was notice that the book was out of stock, I keep searching from more titles, and I found attractive this book becouse the cover, then, when I read the synopsis it attracted me even more, so I bought it, although I let it put off until finish shiver, then I started to read it the past 22 of February and in the 23 of February I finish it.

Title: Hush, hush
Autor: Becca Fitzpatrick
Translator: Pablo M. Migliozzi
Year: 2009
ED: Ediciones B
ISBN: 978 84 666 4417 4

Falling in love was not part of Nora Grey plans. She had never felt attracted by her classmates, even though the efforts of her best friend, Vee, to find her a partner. That was until the coming of Patch. With his easy smile and eyes that seem to see inside, Nora feels dazzled by him despite herself
After a series of terrifying encounters, Nora does not know whom to trust. Patch appears wherever she goes and seems to know more about her than her best friend. Impossible to decide whether to give up and succumb to his charms, or run away and hide. And when she try to find some answers, discover a truth that is more disturbing than anything that makes her feel Patch.
Because Nora is in the middle of an ancient battle between immortals and those who have fallen, and when it comes to choosing sides, the wrong choise can cost her life.



The readings with touch of mystery had always attracted me. Reading the prologue of Hush, hush that takes place in 1565, I find two characters who hooked me on the reading because it leaves some questions, interact in an atmosphere of mystery, rain, darkness and tombs, as well as one of them has some power over the other.

That’s when the story moves to the present day, with the biology class where the author introduces us to other characters, Vee Sky is the best friend of Nora Grey, and is where Nora meets Patch, a guy transferred to which had not exchanged a word, until then…

I give my esteem to coach McConaughy, a minor character, but without who, the story had not been the same… Nora had not met Patch, well maybe yes, but not in the same way, so I consider it as one of the most important secondary characters.

I think I went falling in love with Patch at the same time that Nora did, I could imagine what she felt, and seriously, is a novel really sexy!, I did not stop read, every page caught me more and more.

Between reading, I think of the strange situations that presented in the story, trying to firuge out why, the who, how and when… that was great, especially when I realized that I was not so wrong in my conclusions. Even if I have to say, several times my deductions were not corrects, and take some time to find the truth. If not you like the book, wait the end because you will find answers to questions raised through the story

Becca, gives us an easy and exciting reading, where by passion don’t refer exclusively the scenes where Nora and Patch interact, and we feel vibrate the book, but the story itself, is a mix of attraction, mystery, romance, mischief, action, where you start to think about the characters and their relations… some of them you are going to hate and pass unnoticed,  others let you marked and feel the need to know more about the their appearance in the book.

In part of hush, hush, appear a character that has and will have very important significance, the one for whom Nora fear and feel her life in danger, he will create a confusion on her, making her feel mistrust and fear by some characters, leaving her paranoid and whit the hair on end.
Despite of it Nora is a brave girl, we don’t see her like “a princess in troubles”, well maybe a little, yes, but not like: “princess in troubles waiting for her prince charming to the rescue”. It’s true that she is vulnerable, as all humans, but she found the way to avail for herself. Unless she needs help of  Patch, for which she felt very afraid.

There were some occasions where managed to make it appear a smile on my mouth, with the ingenuity of Nora and the shameless of Patch.

- It's his fault, - I said pointing to Patch.
The guy looked at me.
- Hey, - he said-, if not shut up I’ll call the security officer.
- Great, called the guard. Tell them take him-, "I said pointing again to Patch. - Tell him he wants to kill me-.
- I do want to kill you -, hissed the girlfriend of the boy, leaning past him to face me.
- Who wants to kill you? - asked the guy. He still kept looking over his shoulder, but now with curiosity.
- There's nobody -, said the girlfriend.
- You can become invisible, right? - I said to Patch, amazed by his power while also angry because he used.
He smiled with a certain tension in the corners.
- It's nutty! - muttered the girlfriend making a fuss. She looked at her boyfriend: "Do to shut up at once!
P. 314

The end is a little fast for my taste, but not going to say that is bad. It shows somethings that we were wondering at first, and bit remains open for a sequel (wich obviously exists, Crescendo) is a good ending, although the last scene with Nora and Patch I was satisfied, and I must to say that leads me want to read the sequel, which by the way, I’ve read reviews where readers valuations is low and therefore I feel that maybe it may disappoint me (I hope not)


Contents regardless of quantity

Action 10
Romance 10
Magic 8
Drama 8
Suspense 10


Story 9
Characters 10
Epilogue 8
Narration 8
Book Design 9

Total: 9.0/10
Rounding: 9.0/10


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